As the fastest track on the calendar, Monza is all about speed. So who are we to slow you down when it comes to your F1 info intake?

Here’s everything you need to know about Sunday’s Italian Grand Prix rapid fire:

What’s on the line: With the Silver Arrows quite literally tripping over themselves on the first lap in Belgium, Red Bull’s new Aussie Daniel Ricciardo took advantage and clinched the win. Mercedes still has a clear advantage in the championship, but if they can’t get out of each other’s way, the rest of the grid could get uncomfortably close in the points.

Who to watch: Between his wins in Belgium and Canada, one might say Ricciardo seems to like the faster circuits. Although he was there each time to pick up the ball that Mercedes dropped, outshining his four-time world champ teammate this year suggests it was more than just dumb luck.

Underdog: A true underdog story, one that Ferrari desperately needs to come to a fairytale end. Fernando Alonso has been wringing the life out of is F14-T this entire year but not yet to victory. If the Scuderia only see one win this year, they’re going to want it in front of a home crowd. Expect an epic drive and an epic crowd (as always).

Wild card: Defending champ Sebastian Vettel has had a rough season. But if the last race in Belgium has anything to show, it’s that Vettel is getting to grips with the RB10 and looking to forget the first half of the season. Not to mention he has three wins at Monza, his first of which was in a subpar Toro Rosso in the rain no less.

Point of interest: Monza’s speed trap. With more torque and less aerodynamics to hold the cars back this year, expect to clock speeds never before seen in F1 at the end of the front straight.

—Bryan Campbell