The other day, we mentioned that all six “Les Légendes de Bugatti” Veyron models had assembled in Pebble Beach.

There were some other models on hand at Pebble as well; the flesh-and-blood kind, decked out in the marque’s new capsule clothing collection designed in homage to the ultra-rare supercars.

Crafted of buffalo, deer, calf and cordovan leather and precious metal fittings, there is a men’s and women’s outfit devoted to each of the Legends models.

008_Lifestyle_Capsule_Collection_Les_Legendes_de_Bugatti 2 002_Lifestyle_Capsule_Collection_Ettore_Bugatti

They relate to the cars through color patterns, prints and illustrations representing the mood and theme of each Bugatti Legend.

Because of course you want your girlfriend to match your Veyron…