Our intrepid editor traveled to the incomparable Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in California at the wheel of an equally impressive BMW i8. Read on for his further adventures…

You might think there wouldn’t be much left to show you following that orgy of Ferraris from Pebble Beach.

You’d be wrong.


That’s the magic of Pebble – just when you think you’d couldn’t possibly see any more cool cars, you turn the corner and there’s James Bond’s DB5 pulling in behind you, or some such.

So even after we’d been ogling Testa Rossas for fully half an hour, there were still scores of Alfa Romeos, Maseratis, Bugattis, and not least of all, Rolls-Royces to salivate over.


The passel of pre and post-war Rolls models casually dotted about the show field was pretty incredible in its own right, machines that have been considered the pinnacle of luxury motoring for 100 years and counting.

Polished and handled as carefully of as the Hope Diamond, their precious innards open for inspection by the Panama-wear corps of judges.


There were models owned by Prime Ministers, Maharajahs, and other grand poohbahs for whom no other mode of transport would suffice.

We haven’t seen this many women in ecstasy since that trip to Ibiza.


However there are only so many open-top tourers a man can ingest at one time, so we made frequent pit stops to the various hospitality suites lining the show field and dispensing victuals and champagne.

After stops to sample the offerings at Cadillac, Aston Martin and BMWs enclaves, we came to the Bentley lounge, always the best seat in the house with its perfect view of the awards platform.


It’s also where to tend to meet the most interesting, best dressed, and well-traveled people, be they CEOs, car collectors, nymphomaniacs or just journalists.

So of course we spent most of the afternoon with a glass of Moet in one hand and a blonde in the other.


But you don’t want to hear about all that, you want to look at cars.

So without further digression on our part, here’s the goods. Enjoy responsibly…..















All images © Jared Paul Stern / DRIVEN