After what seems like an eternity, the Formula 1 summer break is finally over.

We now head into the second half of the season, and after four weeks of waiting, you likely don’t have any time to spare. So we sorted out everything you need to know for Sunday’s Belgian GP at the legendary Spa.

Here’s what to watch for:

What’s on the line: The only competition the Silver Arrows really have are each other. Rosberg was shown the way home by his teammate, Lewis Hamilton, last time out in Hungary, but still maintains an 11-point lead in the standings. With rain predicted for qualifying on Saturday, it could shake up the starting grid and swing the championship in either direction.

Who to watch: Spa, being the engine torture test that it is, could very well play into the hands of Williams Martini Racing. Having the strongest engine on the grid definitely helps, but Williams have been clocking the highest top speeds nearly every weekend this season. Expect a few Mercedes-powered drag races down to Les Combes.

Underdog: Possibly the upset of the season, four-time and defending champ Sebastian Vettel has been out performed by his Red Bull teammate almost every weekend. He hasn’t agreed too well with this year’s car, but he seems to be getting a hold on it. Don’t expect a title-defending comeback, but keep an eye out for a German looking to remind us why he has the most titles of any driver on the grid.

Wild card: Though not having shown too much promise over the entire season, the McLaren camp has been able to shine through on some of the faster circuits. Mercedes power seems to be good for that. Combine that with Spa’s notorious straights and high-G corners, and McLaren could be set to steal a few points from the front-running regulars.

Point of interest: With this year’s lower down force/higher torque cars, Eau Rouge might regain its status as a corner that separates the men from the boys.

—Bryan Campbell