Jaguar just acquired the largest private collection of classic British cars in the world—543 of them to be exact, assembled over the years by obsessive British dentistry mogul James Hull.

The haul includes over 130 classic Jags, including seven XK120s, several C- and D-Types, a rare Steve McQueenstyle XKSS, eight E-Types, 30 Mark-series Jaguar sedans, 19 XJS coupes and convertibles, 20 XJ sedans, plus some pre-war SS models, Swallow sidecars and coachbuilt specials from the company’s early days.

In addition to an MK X owned by Jaguar founder Sir William Lyons, the Hull riches include Winston Churchill’s Austin and Elton John’s Bentley.

This last smelling rather strongly of patchouli, we imagine…

[via Autoblog]