Heading into the 11th round of the 2014 season, only two teams have tasted the victor’s champagne. Astonishingly, 10 of those wins belong to the Silver Arrows. With other teams now catching up to the dominant Mercedes, a Silver Arrows win in Hungary is anything but certain (well… a little less certain).

It’s the last race before the monthlong summer break and good results before the teams close up shop are crucial. So we sifted through what’s what to get you the details.

Here’s what to watch for:

What’s on the line: With Rosberg winning his home Grand Prix last weekend, the lead swung back in his favor but only by a 14-point gap. Hamilton needs a win here to steal some momentum from his teammate’s title challenge. Odds are in Hamilton’s favor, though. He is tied with Michael Schumacher on all-time wins here (four) and is looking for a hat trick with wins in ’12 and ’13.

Who to watch: Felipe Massa is easily the most frustrated driver on the grid. Having almost tasted the podium in Austria, England saw him become a victim of Räikkönen’s race-stopping crash, only to get punted and flip his car in the first corner in Germany. If Massa can tip-toe his way around the first lap, he’ll be a solid bet for a podium finish.

Underdog: It’s hard to think of Kimi Räikkönen as an underdog, but he hasn’t agreed with his Ferrari all season and has been outperformed by his teammate at almost every outing. We’re positive Kimi has a bit of champagne after every race, but you can bet he wants to taste the sweeter stuff on the podium.

Wild card: Anybody not driving a Silver Arrows is pretty much a wild card for the win at this point. But if anybody has a shot, Williams Martini Racing driver Valterri Bottas has the momentum coming off of three straight podiums. If there’s a spoiler, it’ll be clad in Martini red, white and blue.

—Bryan Campbell