Think the new LaFerrari is the fastest hot rod you can buy?

Think again.

At RM Auctions‘ London sale on September 8, you’ve got a chance to score this mind-blowing HFL Kholod rocket system.

One of just five built in the 1990s as a joint venture between NASA and the Russian Institute for New Propellants (CIAM), it cost $95 million to develop.


First tested in 1991, the Kholod became the fastest machine ever to run within the Earth’s atmosphere.

Fueled by cryogenically cooled liquid hydrogen, aka “scramjet” technology, it’s capable of doing MACH 6.47—or 4,310 mph.

“We have sold some unusual and interesting vehicles in our time, but a hypersonic rocket just about tops the list,” notes RM Europe Managing Director Max Girado.

This will require one hell of an addition on your garage…