When Dodge unveiled the fantastically named SRT Hellcat at the New York Auto Show back in April, they claimed that it would have “over 600 horsepower.”

Not only is the final figure over 600… it’s over 700.

707 horse power to be exact, with 650 ft/lbs to keep it company.

2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Supercharged

Now focus, there’s more.

Not only is this Chrysler Group’s most powerful engine (beating the 2014 Viper in the process), it makes it America’s most powerful production muscle car… ever.

Keep in mind this isn’t a drag-strip-only car like Ford’s 500-horsepower Cobra Jet Mustang. Make no mistake, the Hellcat is meant for the road (which road, we’re not quite sure).

Also unlike the Cobra Jet, the Hellcat doesn’t have a parachute to help stop it… just big brakes and even bigger balls.

Happy Birthday, America…

—Bryan Campbell