When it comes to the world’s fastest road cars, you think of names like Bugatti Veyron SS (1200hp), Hennessey Venom (1244hp) and the Koenigsegg One:1 (1340hp).

Notice a trend?

So when we start to talk about fastest cars ever, the Bloodhound Super Sonic Car is the first and last word in the discussion.


Where the aforementioned road cars merely have one engine and struggle to nudge a frankly pedestrian 280 mph, the Bloodhound uses a Rolls Royce jet engine from a Eurofighter and a rocket to produce 135,000 hp and will reach 1,000 mph.

Technically there’s a third engine, but it’s just a 750hp F1 engine used solely as a fuel pump. No big deal.

Wing Commander Andy Green is scheduled to pilot the Bloodhound SSC to 1,000 mph in South Africa, where 12 miles of open (more importantly, flat) terrain await him in 2015.


Watch the clip of Andy taking a tour of his 1,000 mph Rolls-Royce, complete with Rolex dials.

Hey, land speed records were meant to be broken in style…

—Bryan Campbell