With governments cracking down on automakers to reduce carbon emissions, nearly every large-market car company has turned to smaller displacement turbo engines.

Now, not even the likes of Ferrari are safe. Even the royalty form Maranello has to step in line with tightening EU regulations.

Fear not, even though the turbo is for better emissions, the performance gain is a welcomed side effect.

And with the California gaining a ‘T’ to its moniker, the 458 is up next.

Ferrari CEO Amedeo Falisa even confirmed that the 458 will also get a smaller displacement, somewhere just south of 4-liters.

If you think it’s a sad day in the car world, read on.

The new(er) 458 will still have the same high-revving character coupled to the fact that Ferrari is going to aim it at taking down the McLaren 650S, so expect horsepower closer to 700. Couple that to new aerodynamics and the world essentially gets a new Ferrari.

And everyone loves a new Ferrari.

—Bryan Campbell