Our intrepid editor made his way to Miami and Palm Beach recently for an encounter with the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT Roadster. Mind your manners and read on for the final installment…

All good things must come to an end, as some spoilsport once said.

A last excursion in the amazing Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster

Including our Miami adventure in the salacious, delicious SLS AMG.

But not quite yet.

When we left off, we were preparing for an assault on the Palm Beach International Polo Club, refuge of sporty billionaires and their pneumatic blonde trophy wives.


Of course given our mode of transportation, we could hardly just sit in the bleachers.

Hence we’d arranged a couple tickets to the champagne brunch in the Veuve Clicquot Lounge, complete with a bottle of bubbly.

So we grabbed a patchwork madras sport coat and instructed the staff at the five-diamond Eau Palm Beach resort to have our chariot polished and waiting at the portico.

Driving to a champagne brunch at the Palm Beach International Polo Club

The day’s sport would be the final match for the Piaget Gold Cup, a prestigious polo trophy bestowed by the Swiss watch brand.

And yes, it’s solid gold.


The posh Eau Palm Beach was perfectly sited to provide a spirited drive to the Polo Club, but not so far that we’d miss the first chukker.

Parking at such events is typically a clusterf**k, but in the SLS AMG, we were waved on in straight to the VIP section next to the clubhouse.

If your car costs less than a hundred grand, you might as well stay home

The Palm Beach International Polo Club parking lot being, of course, the ultimate test of automotive worthiness.

If your car costs less than a hundred grand, you might as well leave it at home, because you’ll have a long hot walk to get anywhere near the pretty people.

Next the Clubhouse, however, there is space for about six cars—that is, six of the best.


And so we nestled in next to various Ferraris and such, within spitting distance of a Veuve Clicquot’s vintage Airstream trailer converted into a VIP champagne lounge.

What with the patchwork madras, tall thin blonde and SLS AMG, we made quite an entrance, drawing envious stares even from the jaded Palm Beach polo crowd.

Our reserved VIP table was waiting along with some perfectly chilled bubbly

A reserved table was waiting in the VIP enclosure with a perfectly chilled bottle of Veuve perched in its natty yellow label.

The clubhouse was thronged with more Lilly Pulitzerclad preppies than is medically advisable, but we shielded our eyes and made it safely to the table just as the cork was being coaxed from the bottle.

The players took the field astride their noble beasts, whose thoroughbred beauty brought to mind certain parallels with the SLS AMG.


We were in for some spectacular feats of horsemanship as the top-ranked players propelled the little white ball up and down the field, scoring goal after goal.

In between chukkers, we found time to avail ourselves of the incredible gourmet buffet groaning with loads of everything from sushi and shrimp cocktail to roast beef and lamb.

Following the gourmet brunch, we settled in to watch world-class polo action

Washed down with a little more Veuve, of course.

Something to be said for the way these Palm Beachers spend their Sundays.

It soon became clear that the Valiente team, owned by mining mogul Robert P. Jornayvaz III, which edged out Audi to take on Alegria in the Gold Cup final, was in it to win it.


Led by star player Adolfo Cambiaso, they were ahead 7 to 3 by half time, but in the fifth chukker, rival team Alegria went on a scoring rush and tied the game 9 to 9.

By that time, we’d migrated across the field to the member’s lounge, called the 7th Chukker,and decked out with rich dark wood and massive leather chairs.

There was old money, there was new money, and there was just lots of money

There was old money, there was new money, and there was just lots of money.

It was the common denominator that made the 7th Chukker echo with the deep laughter of rich men and the expensive silken rustle of women.

And of course, there was another SLS AMG parked outside.


Heading back into the sunshine, we were in time to see Valiente rally with only two minutes to spare in the final chukker, nailing the ball in for the win at 11 to 10.

The crowd went wild, in a very well-bred way.

Valiente scored the winning goal with only two minutes to spare

All hailed the conquering heroes, as we made our way back to the SLS AMG.

We decided to make the most of our final hours with the mouthwatering motorcar and took the scenic route back to the Eau Palm Beach.

Cruising the palm-tree-lined thoroughfares dotted with graceful mansions, yacht marinas, and achingly expensive boutiques, the SLS AMG was completely in its element.

2014MY SLS AMG Black Series

Underneath its perfect deportment, however, we could tell the hand-built AMG 6.3-liter V8 was itching to let its 583 horses run free and rip sh*t up.

If a car could talk, this one was telling us to find the nearest track, and fast.

The SLS AMG begged us to find the nearest racetrack and rip it up

“Enough pussyfooting around at polo matches,” it seemed to be saying, “I can do 0 to 60 in 3.5 seconds, and all you have to do is steer.”

Steady on, old chap.

I wish I could, but we’ll have to save it for next time.


And there will be a next time…