Special-edition cars are nothing new; they’ve been around for decades.

But what makes them so special is that only a small number are made and then that’s it. Finito.

Speaking of which, back in ’63, Jaguar started a production run of 18 lightweight GT E-Types, but stopped after 12.

However, the marque has just announced they’re going to complete the last six.


That’s right. Brand-new 1963 GT E-Types, the most coveted version of the classic coupe.

All six will be built in-house at Jaguar and use identical aluminum bodies to the originals as well as the 3.6-liter straight engine, and no doubt sold before they leave the factory.

They might as well have found a way to bring Miss Bardot back from the Sixties.

We’ll take one of those new E-types while they figure that one out…

—Bryan Campbell