California adventure apparel brand Aether helped some fellow motorcycle lovers escape from the big city the other day in a stylish motorcade.

The brand’s cofounders Palmer West and Jonah Smith (above) astride a BMW 80 GS, and Triumph Bonneville led the gathering of about 80 riders who convened at Aether’s cool NYC store to set out for less congested roads.

Dubbed “Urban Adventure: Escape from New York,” the event saw the duo lead their fans on a scenic route to a “secret” training location near Harriman State Park.


Staffers from Trama’s Auto School helped riders hone their skills on a custom cone course and participated in a challenge ride-off with a chance to score some great Aether gear.

Don’t worry, Left Coasters—the brand’s next excursion is scheduled for San Francisco this summer.

Then might we suggest an East vs. West Ultimate Showdown…