Our intrepid editor made his way to Miami recently for an encounter with the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT Roadster. Get a grip and read on for Part III…

When we last looked in, we were living like pashas at the tony Turnberry Isle resort and gearing up for a big day at the beach.

Back behind the wheel of the SLS AMG Roadster for more adventures

But you don’t want to hear about that.

So we’ll spare you the gory details about sand and bikinis and get straight to our next excursion in the SLS AMG.

As we mentioned earlier, a pair of tickets to the Sony Open tennis tournament had come our way, so after changing into decent clothes, we soon found ourselves setting course for Key Biscayne.


This, as it turned out, was a case of the journey proving superior to the destination.

Problem being, the Sony Open is, well, open.

Did driving the SLS AMG turn us into the worst kind of snob?

To the public. Or at least, any member of it who can come up with the general admission fee.

In other words, not really our scene.

Now you may well be wondering if a few days behind the wheel of the SLS AMG had turned us into the worst kind of snob.


Viewing all of humanity, especially those driving cars too slowly in front of us, as an encumbrance, an inferior race of mostly Honda-owning plebes clogging up the highways and generally wasting space.

A perfectly reasonable hypothesisafter all, the SLS AMG is more chariot of the gods than method of getting from point A to point B, and humbler men than we have gained a false sense of superiority from such things.

The SLS AMG is more chariot of the gods than means of getting from A to B

However, we assure you we have always felt this way.

Not that the SLS AMG didn’t reinforce that Master of the Universe feelingenable it, you might even say.

And why the hell not?


But we digress, or should we say downshift.

So the stopover at the Sony Open was a brief one, with nary a Federer in sight, and we called it a night and decided to get some beauty sleep for the next day’s far more posh proceedings:

The Piaget Gold Cup to be played at the Palm Beach International Polo Club.

Our next stop would be the Palm Beach International Polo Club

A much more SLS-AMG-worthy occasion.

And now, a brief word about menswear as we packed for the weekend and got our other totes and duffels ready to be couriered ahead.

The one downside to the SLS AMG Roadster being it has the cargo capacity of your average Whole Foods bag.


But carting around a bunch of baggage is so plebeian anyway, something little people who drive Saturns do…

Damn—was that us or the car talking?

Anyway, the SLS’s limited trunk space left no room for error wardrobe-wise, which is why we’d carefully selected our key item for the weekend’s adventure.

Suiting up for the occasion in a cool quilted navy blazer from Brooks Brothers

A midweight quilted navy blue blazer with some subtle leather detailing from Brooks Brothers, the classic American clothiers who’ve been keeping gentlemen perfectly turned out for 200 years.

The idea was not wholly our own, our colleagues at Kempt having tabled the suggestion with this post, for which we thank them kindly.


(Courtesy of Brooks Bros.; click to enlarge)

It proved a fortuitous choice, natty enough to look good with the SLS AMG, casually elegant enough to pass muster in Palm Beach and stylishly subtle enough with the right note of rough luxe to broadcast the fact that we come from Kennebunkport—and are therefore a priori worthy of rubbing elbows with the bon ton.

And just in case we decided to go full Palm Beach, we had backup in the form of a custom-tailored seersucker suit.

Sartorially armed to the teeth for anything Palm Beach could throw at us

Sartorially armed to the teeth, you might say, for anything Palm Beach could throw at us.

And so we floored it on the way out of Miami, confident that alighting from the SLS AMG in our Brooks Brothers jacket we could make women go weak at the knees and leave their menfolk wondering where they went wrong in life.


Which pretty much summed up the scene as we pulled up at the posh new Eau Palm Beach resort to a symphony of smoldering looks from the silicone set, and sheepish grins from the Y chromosome crowd.

The Eau Palm Beach (below), formerly the Ritz-Carlton, could be the setting for a movie about a glamorous resort in one of the world’s most famous enclaves of wealth.

Pulling up to the posh new Eau Palm Beach resort in the SLS AMG

When you arrive at reception, they hand you a glass of champagne to set the tone—real champagne, not that sparkling swill most places try to fob you off with.

Before we engaged in any strenuous rich-guy activities, it was time to visit their sybaritic spa for a rubdown and maybe another glass of bubbly.

Then perhaps a stroll on the beach and a light supper, followed by a ride into town in the SLS AMG.


Which already seemed to be looking smugly satisfied with itself, having left gaudy Miami behind for a much more rarefied milieu.

Turning onto Worth Avenue, Palm Beach’s legendary street home to some of the world’s most exclusive boutiques, a parking spot magically opened up as some octogenarians in a Bentley bustled off to dinner at the club.

The SLS AMG looked right at home amidst the world’s chicest boutiques on Worth Avenue.

We gunned the AMG into its berth in front of the Chanel store and got out to take some photos.

At which point, a paparazzo appeared out of nowhere with one of those enormous lenses and began to take his own photos—of us taking photos of the SLS AMG.

All a bit surreal, and not the first or last time we’d be papp’ed during our week with the SLS, which is of course a celebrity in its own right.

Oh, the price of fame…


Stay tuned for Part IV. EARLIER: Our Man in Miami; Our Man in Miami Part II