Our intrepid editor made his way to Miami recently for an encounter with the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT Roadster. Hold tight and read on for Part II….

Now let’s see, where were we? – oh, right: girls, sun, palm trees, parties, polo ponies, swimming pools, and champagne.

Our first day in Miami with the SLS AMG GT Roadster

Morning broke in Miami with near-pornographic perfection.

We were at the Delano South Beach, having breakfast on the terrace at Bianca (below) under gently swaying palm trees while girls in bikinis strolled by on their way to the beach.


And we had an SLS AMG GT Roadster cooling its cylinders out front, ignoring the stares of passersby and ready to roar out onto the freeway.

Now we may have given the impression earlier of a somewhat cavalier attitude towards women.

Resisting the temptation to make like Hugh Hefner in the SLS AMG

Must have been the SLS AMG’s influence – the damn thing’s a sex machine.

But in fact, even though surrounded by South Beach’s finest female fauna, we had no intention of making like Hugh Hefner and grabbing handfuls of silicone.


Because we were flying in our own beautiful blonde companion, somewhat dazed from a long winter in Maine when she saw the SLS AMG idling curbside at Domestic Arrivals.

“Get in,” I said. “We’re going to a party with Roger Federer.”

‘Get in – we’re going to a party with Roger Federer’

This was not in fact just a line.

Earlier in the morning UrbanDaddy’s gal-about-Miami Sara Liss had forwarded me an invite from Moët & Chandon asking us to join their brand ambassador – Mr. Federer – at an event that evening.


The no. 5 tennis player in the world – arguably a contender for the top spot – would be celebrating the Sony Open currently in progress in Key Biscayne with a mini tennis match at the incredible rooftop bar of the 5-star Viceroy Miami.

With, of course, oceans of Moët all around.

Quaffing champagne with the tennis star atop the Viceroy Miami

A real crowd pleaser.

We roared up to the Viceroy, one of Miami’s coolest hotels, in the SLS AMG.

Suddenly the yellow Lamborhini Spyder that had pulled in just before us didn’t look so hot; ditto the Aston Martin that slid in behind.


Fifty stories up, we were handed overflowing flutes of Moët Imperial and White Star as Federer took the stage.

The consummate sportsman and a perfect gent, he proceeded to referee a miniature tennis match and then graciously defeat the winner.

Federer is the consummate sportsman and a perfect gent

FIFTY Miami, as the Viceroy’s eye-popping aerie is called, was the perfect place to survey the city which we planned to paint pretty red before the week’s end.

With a nod from Federer as we made our exit, blonde nearing the bubbly point herself after several glasses of Moët – ourself having abstained save for the initial sampling – we tipped the valet and regained the luxe interior of the SLS AMG.

2014MY SLS AMG Black Series

Then we returned to the Delano for dinner, promising the SLS we’d go a bit further afield the next day.

We think its spirits were lifted by the paparazzo outside the Delano who snapped away furiously as we arrived – one fellow even had a video camera and was making like Scorsese.

Besieged by paparazzi in the SLS AMG outside the Delano

Bianca, the Delano’s casually elegant eatery, was thronged with – ahem – other stylish couples – none of whom had just returned from drinking champagne with Roger Federer in an SLS AMG.

They therefore kept casting envious glances our way as we’d clearly been having a much better time.


Then it was on to the Delano’s equally cool Beach Club bar by the beautifully lit up pool, for a final cocktail before turning in for the night.

One more perfect breakfast on Bianca’s terrace later we bid adieu to the Delano and gave the SLS an airing on the run up to the top-drawer Turnberry Isle resort in Aventura, our base for the next couple days.

Zooming up to the Turnberry Isle resort the SLS AMG got some air

This was the first time we really got to open up and give the SLS some room to move.

It proved incredibly adept at making mincemeat of snarly traffic, the surge of power at the press of the pedal perfectly controllable from the wheel as we flicked paddles and passed gawking civilians with aplomb.

MY2013 SLS GT Coupe designo Magno Alanite Grey

Turnberry Isle, a world-class resort with every luxury amenity you could possibly imagine including a private club for extremely wealthy people is no stranger to beautiful cars.

In fact, plans are afoot to hold a concours d’elegance on its championship golf course.

The SLS AMG cowed the ranks of Bentleys and Rolls-Royces

But once again the SLS AMG proved its star power and magnetic attraction always inspires awe.

Rolls-Royces, Porsches, Bentleys were all brushed aside as we once again took prime position right outside the front entrance – Miami meritocracy at work.


And then since it had been several hours already since our last dose, we popped open a bottle of Perrier-Jouet as soon as we got up to the suite.

Foreseeing the need for some stylish accessories to hold their own with the SLS, I’d asked the folks from lustworthy leathergoods brand Ghurka to send along one of their new Norwalk Collection bags.

We pulled a bottle of chilled Perrier-Jouet from our Ghurka bag

The Porter Tote in red herringbone twill to match the SLS’s calipers, ragtop and contrast stitching.

Perfect for holding bottles of bubbly, spare Rolexes, Vuitton diaries, VIP polo passes, tortoiseshell shades, girlfriends’ lipstick and whatever else Miami might bring our way.


Thus refreshed, we proceeded down to the Turnberry’s incredible restaurant, chef Michael Mina’s Bourbon Steak, a temple to luxurious American dining in a clubby, leather-padded room banked by huge wine vaults and a wall of whisky.

The kind of place Don Draper dreams about, a mix of nostalgia and modern elegance, with some of the most incredible food we’ve ever had the pleasure of digesting.

Chef Michael Mina’s manly temple of decadent dining

Towers of oceanic delicacies from the raw bar washed down with a little more PJ followed by luscious bone-in filet mignons and a great bottle of Pinot from the vault and we were feeling pretty close to Valhalla.

Not half bad for Day 2 of our SLS adventure.


In between all the decadent eating and drinking I’d managed to score tickets to the next day’s action at the Sony Open, with the chance to see Federer or one of his peers play on center court.

Following a cocktail party hosted by Bombay Sapphire. That’s how we roll.

A big beach day ahead followed by Sony Open tennis action

But first a morning at the beach was in order.

So after a last look in on the SLS AMG being watched out front it was sweet dreams of surf, sun and sand, soon to be made real….

Stay tuned for Part III.


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