It’s the beginning of a new era in F1. At the moment, it’s equal parts excitement and unpredictability—we could see a new champion, or we could see Vettel enjoy a comeback season, or we could see something else entirely.

Going into the first race of the season, Red Bull was uncharacteristically off form while Mercedes seemed to be riding a wave of momentum they’d been building since 2013. At the season opener, it didn’t go the way you’d expect. Hamilton and Vettel retired with tech issues, while Rosberg took the checkered flag with Red Bull’s new Aussie, Daniel Ricciardo, taking second. (He was later disqualified over fuel issues.)


The “Drive of the Day” went to Valteri Bottas in his beautiful Martini-clad Williams. He made a mad dash from the back of the field to the front only to explode a wheel against a wall, limp back to the pits, then claw back to finish fifth. Around 19 passes were made before he crossed the finish line… an epic drive, to say the least.

This weekend in Malaysia, everything is still a crapshoot, though we’d expect Silver Arrows to repeat the dominance displayed in Melbourne. Rosberg set the fastest time in Australia on lap 19 with a full tank. After that, it’s suspected he went easier on the gas to preserve the engine. If the heat doesn’t get to him or the car, we could see a repeat.

But you never know, and that’s why we watch…

Bryan Campbell