Way back in July, we mentioned Lotus was taking their mantra of “less is more” to a new level by getting into the motorcycle game. Well, we finally got a chance to feast our eyes upon their debut, and… here’s what’s what.

First: to everyone’s surprise, it’s not a knee-dragging track weapon. In other words: it’s more for the Diavel crowd than for Panaigale enthusiasts.

Then inside you’ve got a 200Hp 1195cc V-twin trying to tear you off the back. Outside, you’ve got a body designed by Daniel Simon, the same bloke who penned the Veyron as well as the Tron lightcycles… He’s building quite the résumé.

No pricing on it yet, but only 100 will be made, with three different paint schemes on tap.

So if a carbon black John Player Special isn’t your thing (which we doubt), might we recommend the Martini

Bryan Campbell