Sure, you could just sit at home in front of the fire, bitching about the weather.

Or you could warm up the car and go for a drive.

Winter just might be the best time to take the scenic route—much less traffic for one thing.

The best winter drives in the country, from Tahoe to Cape Cod

So CNN has compiled a list of the country’s best winter drives, including circuits in Utah’s Arches National Park, Wyoming’s Yellowstone National Park, Massachusetts’ Highway 6A around Cape Cod, Lake Tahoe and more.


We recommend a flask full of hot sweet tea, a Pendleton blanket and a blonde for company, with the new Broken Bells album on the radio to keep you humming along all the way to your destination.

Whether you decide to do it in a vintage Benz or a new G-Wagen depends on how badly you actually want to get there…

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