Kate Moss, still drop-dead gorgeous at 40, hasn’t needed any major cosmetic surgery to keep her looking young and beautiful.

The same can’t be said of the “classic” Porsche 911 she just got as a birthday present from rock star hubby Jamie Hince, which has been altered to conceal a 20 year age difference.

Kate Moss’s repro classic 911 has had some major cosmetic surgery

What it appears to be is a museum-quality 1967 911S.

But what Kate unwrapped on the big day is in fact a “gnarly back-dated 911, replete with fender flares, Fuchs-style wheels and early chrome horn grilles,” DRIVEN‘s resident 911 expert James Lamdin tells us.


“It likely started life as a 1980s model 911 and was re-badged as an early 911S.”

Hince reportedly paid around $33,000 for the car—”about a quarter of what the genuine article would have cost,” Lamdin notes.

The car has been made to look about 20 years older

Apparently, either Kate can’t tell the difference—which would be odd considering she’s a classic-car buff with a vintage Rolls, MG and Benz in the garage—or more likely doesn’t care.

And either way, she looks damn good in it.

So our advice to the Croydon Crumpet—and everyone else, for that matter: don’t look a gift Porsche in the boot…