We’ve been taking a look at the new cars of motor sport’s pinnacle series, F1. The short and sweet of it is: form presides over function, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and no team has a clear edge—not even the defending champs, Red Bull.

So here are the rest:

Once a winning and competitive team, Sauber has been in a massive slump since the big last rule change in 2009. The C33 marks their first partnership with Ferrari, and the Swiss team is hoping Scuderia’s new power unit has got something special. Last year’s C32 started falling off the pace in a big way toward the end.


Love it or hate it (the general consensus is hate it), the pachyderm front ends are here to stay. At least Force India had the decency to camouflage the VJM07’s appendage in black and distract us with a cracking good livery. Aesthetics aside, Force India is a team to watch if it can ride its momentum from last year.


Brought into the F1 circus in 2010 (then under the name Virgin GP), Marussia has never scored a single point, nor has it placed higher than second to last in the standings. Since you’re only as good as your last result… well, we wouldn’t bet on them. However, reliability will play a big part in 2014 and the MR03 could capitalize on a few blown turbos and engines further up the grid…

Speaking of which…


The RB10 is starting to turn hairs gray over at the World Champion Red Bull camp. A fairly modest design on the surface, but design guru Adrian Newey is known for vacuum-packing the internals to get a super-model slim car. Only problem is with the heat from the turbo and newer, larger energy storage units every thing is getting cooked. Through out the week Red Bull have barely broken double digits in number of laps completed… everyone else is nearing triple digits.

Update: McLaren’s Dutch rookie Kevin Magnussen topped the time sheets on day three, besting the likes of Ferrari’s Ferandano Alonso and Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton. Magnussen made the jump to F1 from Formula Renault 3.5, which is essentially like skipping high school and going straight to Yale… to teach.

Bryan Campbell