Yesterday, we gave you the first few glimpses of how the 2014 F1 grid is shaping up. (Long story short: ugly noses, now a thing.) Here’s a look at a few more contenders… they get better, we promise.

After finishing last season dead-last in the standings—with absolutely zero points—Caterham rolled out the new CT05 at the Jerez circuit. In aerodynamic terms, it’s a valiant attempt to get the air down and around the car for crucial down force, and (presumably) to make the thing earn more than zero points this year. Asthetically? Not so much.


Williams released a computer-generated rendering of the FW36 last week, but it wasn’t until this week that they formally unveiled Felipe Massa’s new ride. With only five points to show for all of last season, Williams better hope the “Ant Eater” is the way to go.


See, we weren’t lying. Not all the cars on the grid will burn your eyes out. In fact, the Mercedes F1 W05 is quite the looker. Better yet, Mercedes also seems poised to become Red Bull’s main rivals—despite a crash on the first day of practice, Lewis Hamilton set inspiring times.


Our fingers are crossed that good looks will actually translate to performance.

Bryan Campbell