The 2014 F1 season features the most dramatic set of rule changes in decades—a switch to V6 turbos, tighter restrictions on aero innovation.

And because of that, this year’s contenders have been eagerly awaited since the final curtain call on V8s back in November.

Well, here’s what you’ve been waiting for…

This past weekend, Ferrari, McLaren and Red Bull’s junior team Toro Rosso lifted the covers off their respective challengers, bringing life to hopes and fears alike.

Ferrari decided to switch it up this year and let the devoted Tifosi vote for the car’s name over the Internet.

The result? F14-T. So far the best-looking of the bunch, the F14-T seems to be modest in design.

It’s possible Ferrari’s not showing their whole hand before preseason testing in Spain.


Coming off their worst season since 1980, McLaren unveiled the MP4-29 hoping for a change of pace.

The route the boys from Woking went was what the racing community feared. Given the new rules, the “Ant Eater” nose was the most conventional design path.

Though we must say, form following function isn’t always easy on the eyes.



Another car, another “Ant Eater” nose. (Even if only a mother could love those looks.) Elsewise, Toro Rosso made their lives easier this year by switching to the same Renault V6 and eight-speed gearbox as their sister team Red Bull.

The massive extra air intake just behind the driver, a unique solution to the STR9 so far, has raised some interesting questions.


With the rest of the teams revealing their cars this week at the preseason test in Jerez, Spain, we’ll get a clearer picture of what the grid will look like.

If current trends continue, expect the Internet to be ablaze with even more dick jokes than usual.

Bryan Campbell