Rush fever may be on the wane, but the legend of James Hunt keeps getting bigger.

On the eve of his induction into the Motor Sport Hall of Fame, Classic Driver clues us in on the fast-driving playboy’s partnership with Lord Hesketh, British peer turned racing impresario.

It’s quite a tale; Hesketh’s Racing’s first F1 outing took place at the 1973 Monaco Grand Prix with Hunt as the star driver.

The team arrived at the event with a Rolls-Royce Corniche and a Porsche 911 to ferry them back and forth from Hesketh’s 162-foot yacht Southern Breeze, which was well stocked with champagne and good-looking women.


While their antics drew the derision of more “committed” teams, Hesketh and Co. had the last laugh when Hunt won the 1975 Dutch Grand Prix for them.

At which point there were lots more wine and women…