When Bob Dylan proclaimed, “The times they are a-changin’,’’ we highly doubt he had open-wheeled motorsport in mind. (Obviously, he was thinking about the Jeep Cherokee.)

But his words couldn’t be more appropriate as the FIA kicks off a new open-wheeled series, Formula E. Earlier this week, the series’ development driver, Lucas di Grassi, found himself on the Las Vegas Strip—unlike most, he remembers how he got there—and promptly tore it up in his FE racer.

Way back in 2012, we saw the foundation being laid for the all-electric series. Since then, 10 teams have signed up, including Andretti Motorsport (we’re sure you’ve heard the name), Audi and Venturi GP (who are based in Monaco and cofounded by newly minted Golden Globe winner Leo DiCaprio).

With the list of confirmed drivers peppered with Indy Car and F1 regulars, and races taking place exclusively on the streets of Miami, Monaco and London, to name a few, the racing should be tight.

And without screaming race engines, we might be able to hear endearing words the drivers have for each other during the race…

Bryan Campbell