In what seems like a possible bit of good news, Michael Schumacher is said to be in stable condition following that terrible ski accident he suffered over the holidays.

Given the outpouring of support, it comes as no surprise that special attention has been given to Barret-Jackson’s announcement of Schumacher’s 1998 Ferrari F1 challenger, the F300, crossing the block later this month.

The 805-horsepower V10 personally chauffeured (albeit with some enthusiasm) Michael to six victories and 11 podiums, eventually earning him second in the championship that year.

Labeled as “Smithsonian worthy” by Barret-Jackson, the F300 marks a pivotal point in Ferrari lore. After a 23-year drought, Ferrari and Schumacher were on an upswing and spent 1999 to 2005 winning the World Constructor’s Championship.

Here’s hoping Michael’s working on a similar comeback…

Bryan Campbell