Our latest dispatch from the Land of the Rising Sun gives a glimpse into three gents’ daily drivers that are a bit more machine than most men can even handle.

That’s because they are actual endurance racers that saw action at Le Mans.

Nearly beyond imagining is a Porsche 962C built in 1991 and decked out in iconic Rothmans livery that is good for 620 hp.

Then there’s an equally jaw-plopping Jaguar XJ220C built in 1993 and good for 550 hp.

And finally, a Mazda 767B that’s not too shabby with 630 hp.

Asked why they drive such things on the road, one man replies, “Because it’s exciting.”

So no groundbreaking revelations, but still something you don’t see every day—unless you live next to these guys…

[via GT Spirit]