With the announcement of Felipe Massa’s departure from Ferrari—after a decade of service, he’s making room for incoming Raikkonen—we think a formidable severance package is in order.

Apparently, so did Ferrari President Luca Montezemolo.

At the company Christmas party, Massa was gifted with the engine from his F2008 F1 car. (We assume the lads at Ferrari have a higher Secret Santa budget than most.)

The same engine saw him claim victory in Brazil in 2008 and briefly saw him as champion that year. We say briefly because Massa crossed the finish line as champion, but further back his main rival gained a position on the last corner, on the last lap, stealing the crown. Felipe’s highest point in his career. Bittersweet?

Montezemolo also announced Ferrari’s possible return to Le Mans. But with no other information to back that up, it might have just been the eggnog talking.


- Bryan Campbell