The name of French singer Françoise Hardy may not be very familiar, but take our word for it that you know her musiceither the original (see: Moonrise Kingdom soundtrack) or via her innumerable imitators.

Basically a female version of the great Serge Gainsbourg, she personified Sixties boho chic and an effortless cool that still looks stunning today.

Hardy also made a few film appearances, including Jean-Luc Godard’s Masculin Feminin and Grand Prix, a racing flick released in 1966 that scooped up three Oscars for technical work and then was quickly forgotten.


Hardy was not one of the headliners in the film, set at the Monaco Grand Prix and starring the likes of  James GarnerEva Marie Saint (of North by Northwest fame) and Yves Montand, but her role as the girlfriend of an Italian race car driver is one of the more memorable elements.

Here, she’s pictured on the set in one of her typical stylishly simple ensembles, studiously copied and regurgitated by every fashion designer ever since.

Whenever those lazy bastards get around to inventing a time machine, we’ll set the dial straight for a date with Françoise in ’66…