The Pirelli Calendar is the stuff of legend because it’s so hard to get hold of; produced by the iconic Italian tire company, it’s only sent to a select list of VIPs—the kind who buy lots of Pirellis for their fleets of Ferraris and such.

Every year, a famous lensman is commissioned to photograph the world’s most beautiful women at enormous cost.

This year marks the calendar’s 50th anniversary, however, and to mark the occasion, the 2014 edition features photos taken by the late, great Helmut Newton in 1986 and never used.

To be frank, the pix are pretty lousy; we can see why they’ve been gathering dust for 28 years.

Screen Shot 2013-11-29 at 8.54.30 AM

Obviously without nudity, Newton was out of his element.

And since the calendar has since become known not only for nudity, but for world-class nakedness—the most beautiful women on the planet wearing literally nothing at all—this seems doubly disappointing.

However, there are also some behind-the-scenes shots that Pirelli plans on releasing, which may prove to be more, ah, titillating, at which point we are prepared to reconsider.

Until then, the sexiest thing you’ll see from Pirelli this year is the Lamborghini Countach pictured above.

Not too shabby, but nothing compared to this