Purists and driving enthusiasts everywhere can sleep easy and stop clenching now.

BMW has finally released the figures on what has become the most nervously anticipated generation of M cars since… ever.

The math:

Models available: Two, the M3 (four-door) and M4 (two-door).

Engine: Inline-six Twin turbo, redlines at over 7,500 rpm.

Power: 430 hp and 396 ft/lbs of torque.

Transmissions available: Seven-speed double-clutch auto and six-speed manual.

Despite the pleas and cries from enthusiasts, most performance-car manufacturers are making the switch to paddle-shifting transmissions. BMW completely surprised the Internet and is sticking a standard manual in the new-gen M3 and debuting M4. BMW did this after realizing we don’t all commute via the Nürburgring.

More power, more revs, more turbos, less weight and a manual transmission?

Dear BMW,

Thanks for listening.


Your Fans