Swedish designer Eduard Gray likes superyachts.

He also likes supercars.

What he doesn’t like are the constraints of practicality.

With a computer and a dream, he concocts outrageous conveyances that bring together both of his loves.

His latest creation is the Xhibitionist, a 246-ft. hybrid-powered superyacht concept designed to carry a fleet of bespoke supercars inspired by the design of the vessel itself.


The carbon fiber supercar, dubbed the Xhibit-G, looks something like a Maybach mated to a Bentley and will allegedly feature a 630-horsepower V12 engine.

In addition to a car showroom, the interior of the yacht can be transformed into a retail space or a luxury lounge for guests.

There’s also space for three helicopters to land on deck and, of course, a hot tub.

We told you the guy had an active imagination…

[via Autoblog]