Pretty much anyone can get a ticket to the Monaco Grand Prix in May, if they’re willing to drop the coin.

Real high rollers don’t sit in the grandstands, however.

Supercar owners who want a piece of the action can sign up for The Run To…, an elite event organized in conjunction with the Financial Times involving a series of ridiculously expensive, once-in-a-lifetime experiences at major Formula 1 events around the world.

At the Monaco race, the slowest and hardest on the circuit, participants will get to lap the famed Monte Carlo street circuit with a Formula 1 driver moments before the Grand Prix, test their Ferraris and such alongside various racecars on special tracks, and tour the scenic countryside swept free of normal cars and little people for the occasion.

And of course, all the gourmet food, fine wine and luxurious accommodations you can handle, along with a promise that you’ll get to party with the teams to boot.

In the James Hunt days, that would’ve been before the race…