We’ve speculated, discussed, analyzed and anticipated—now it’s time to see what Mercedes-Benz has up its sleeve for the new CLA.

In advance of the big game this weekend, the German luxury car giant has released an extended cut of its much-hyped Super Bowl ad.

As promised, Kate Upton puts in a pneumatic appearance, but adding a twist, so do Willem Dafoe and Usher, who was usurped from assumed soundtrack duty by a Rolling Stones classic.

The real surprise is the $29,900 base sticker price for the new vehicle, which is certainly not short on three-pointed star style.

The CLA is a true entry-level car masquerading as a mid-range, while costing less than a Toyota Avalon and much less than a Hyundai Genesis.

It also undercuts BMW’s cheapest sedan, the 1 series, by 1,300 bucks.

Let the games begin…