New Zealander Bruce McLaren was just 26 years old when he founded Bruce McLaren Motor Racing Ltd. in London.

The team made its debut at the 1966 Monaco Grand Prix and clocked its first Formula 1 win at the 1968 Belgian Grand Prix.

One hundred and eighty-two wins later, McLaren is making a pit stop to celebrate its 50th anniversary in September.

Every one of their race cars is a thing of beauty, most in a signature orange that screams speed, like the one below we encountered in Hilton Head.

Along the way, they’ve also developed some of the world’s most stunning supercars, including the F1, introduced in 1993 and still the world’s fastest naturally aspirated production car; the more recent MP4-12C (pictured above with the 1969 M7C racer); and the upcoming P1.

More on this topic to come, but in the meantime, allow us to add our humble rumble to the chorus of congratulations…

[via Autoblog]