New action comedy The Baytown Outlaws has something for everyone.

The “Southern Whip-Ass Extravaganza” is bristling with outlaw rednecks, sexy female assassins on motorcycles (see below), more guns than an NRA rally and, of course, buckets of blood.

Eva Longoria plays Celeste, out to save her godson from her violent drug lord ex-husband played by Billy Bob Thornton.

She decides to play dirty and hires three dangerous hayseeds to get the boy back, and an insane kill-crazy rampage ensues worthy of any Tarantino flick.

Or as the New York Times puts it with characteristic detachment, the movie involves “a dispute involving a divorced couple.”

We won’t give away any key plot points, but we thought you’d enjoy a peek at Longoria’s wheels, a candy apple red Jaguar XJS, a nice nod to the ’90s.

Not a model that gets a lot of love even from Jag enthusiasts, but maybe the movie will bring it back into fashion.

Okay, probably not…