Robo-Valet: Audi next-levels that whole self-parking thing, debuting an A7 that’ll drop you off and drive off to find itself a spot to park. Oh, and come pick you up when you’re done. (No word on whether it’ll expect a tip.) [Autoblog]

Bent Out of Shape: The New York Times waxes rhapsodic about the new tricked-out Bentley Continental GT—no self-driving here: just a bunch of beautifully integrated upgrades. [The New York Times]

Wave Rider: Hyundai premiered “3D gestures“—dial-free radio, air-conditioning and sun-roofs that drivers control by waving their hands. Hopefully, this will cause fewer accidents than we’re imagining. [USA Today]

But, Can It Do the Robot: Oh, and in case you’re curious about the non-automotive happenings, our friends at UD rounded up all the best of the rest. Namely, all the robots. [UrbanDaddy]


Photo: Trine Hyldtoft by Olivia Frolich