People who buy Range Rovers no doubt picture themselves using it for all sorts of country-gentleman-type things—especially if they live in the city.

Grouse hunting, fly fishing expeditions and touring one’s estate come to mind.

Towing an Airstream for 4,000 miles, not so much.

In order to demonstrate the utility side of the new 2013 Range Rover SUV, however, that’s exactly what one Ben Samuelson just did.

Of course, it’s a luxury SUV, so Samuelson got to drive a limited-edition Autobiography model on his 11-day trek from the UK to Morocco and back, while his Airstream was equally tricked out.

The point of the excursion according to Land Rover is that the Airstream weighs a not insignificant 5,300 pounds.

And since the Range Rover can tow it with ease, why hitch your trailer up to a crappy old pickup truck?

Apparently, the Europeans are way ahead of us on this…

[via Autoblog]