Searching for an appropriate image with which to commemorate David Bowie’s 66th birthday today, we stumbled upon this pic of the rock-and-roll icon behind the wheel, something we’ve never witnessed before.

Bowie’s natural habitat when it comes to motorized conveyances, to be sure, is in the back of a limousine.

But back in 1975, it seems he was still driving himself—in an obviously well-used Mercedes-Benz.

Birthday boy David Bowie at the wheel of a Mercedes in 1975

Here he’s pictured leaving Cherokee Recording Studios in Los Angeles with arranger Paul Buckmaster while recording The Man Who Fell to Earth.

The shot is particularly apt as the Thin White Duke just released a video of his first new song in a decade today, a teaser for his upcoming album The Next Day.

In ’75, he sported aviator shades and a cigarette, and obviously had no intention of wearing a seat belt—that’s our man to a T, including the bent-up three-point star in front…