The recent revival of the Lancia Stratos has led to the rebirth of another 1970s rally legend—the Renault Alpine.

While the new Stratos was a billionaire’s bagatelle, however, the Alpine will be a little more down to earth, and Renault promises it will actually go into production come 2015.

In 1971, Alpine achieved a 1-2-3 finish in the Monte Carlo Rally and repeated the result in 1973, going on to win the World Rally Championship, trouncing the likes of Lancia and Porsche.

The nouveau Alpine is being positioned as a competitor for the Porsche Boxster and Audi TTS, but talk that it will be little more than a Mazda Miata isn’t the full picture.

“You can’t betray the DNA of the Alpine,” a Renault exec tells Autoblog.

“It must be light and look different, and have a touch of French dash.”

However, he cautions, “It’s not a car for dandies, though.”