The other da,y you read our report on the bodacious Bahamas Speed Week Revival, and as promised, we’re back to highlight some of of the most eye-popping vehicles we encountered while there.

Vehicular highlights from Bahamas Speed Week

We’ve already enthused over Sir Stirling Moss and his rare 1956 O.S.C.A., but as any died-in-the-wool DRIVEN reader knows, our first passion is for classic Ferraris.

Without a doubt, the most drop-dead example in Nassau Paradise Island was David Cottingham’s 1957 Ferrari 500 TRC in its yellow and black racing livery.

David Cottingham’s 1957 Ferrari 500 TRC

One of the legendary Monza models, the 500 TR, was the first car to bear the famed Testa Rossa name.


The 500 TRC introduced in 1957 immediately proved to be a serious racing contender.

Victorious at the 1957 24 Hours of Le Mans

A 500 TRC placed 7th overall and claimed a class victory at the 1957 24 Hours of Le Mans.


Another 500 TRC claimed a class win at the 1958 Targa Florio, cementing the car’s reputation for the ages.

Examples like Cottingham’s can fetch millions

Today, examples like Cottingham’s can fetch millions, and to see one going flat out on a track in the Bahamas is the sort of thing you tell the grandkids about.


You know, when you get hold of some of those…