Aston Martin celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2103, and of course they’ve got some serious parties planned.

The scene-stealer will take place in London next July, when the famed British marque will bring together a thousand cars in central London for a 100th birthday bash that will be the largest gathering of Astons the world has ever seen.

To put that in perspective, in its first 90 years of operation, the company only built less than 15,000 cars.

One of the first, the oldest Aston Martin in existence known as the A3 and built in 1921, will be the guest of honor.

Among the other laudatory events, the marque will celebrate its long association with a certain Aston-loving secret agent by organizing a driving tour through England and Wales visiting various Bond film locations.

Throw in a visit to various Bond girls, and we’ll buy an Aston Martin just to join in…