Mercedes-Benz station wagons have long occupied a place in the Prep pantheon.

The newest version, the 2014 E-Class, is so damned high tech, however, it may just convince Muffy and Biff to sink a little more cash into keeping the old diesel on the road.

Highly efficient engines and an array of new driver-assistance systems—i.e., stuff that keeps you from doing anything stupid—many of them from the future iteration of the S-Class, make it the ultimate station wagon, though perhaps a little too safe.

Maybe that’s why Mercedes is offering two different front-end designs for the first time.

The Luxury version comes with the classic sedan grille with a 3-louver look and signature star on the hood, while the Sport version features the sports grille with an integrated star just like the brand’s high-performance sports models.

That way, it will at least look like you could be going far too fast…