Rounding up our coverage of the Hilton Head Island Concours d’Elegance, we bring you some random eye candy encountered in the course of our wanderings around the field filled with automotive enticements.

Eye candy encountered in the course of our wanderings at the Hilton Head Concours

Despite the prizewinners and other precious metal we’ve already shown you, there were plenty more motorcars to drool over thanks to the wide array of entrants in the sunny South Carolina locale.

That is, when we made forays from the VIP tent thoughtfully provided by media sponsor Infiniti to make sure we intrepid journalists were constantly refreshed.

For starters here’s a 1954 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing (above), one vehicle we can literally never get enough of.

Here’s the interior:

Also plenty of classic Porsches, plus a few modern ones, showing the whole evolution of the 911 and its siblings.

One of our favorites was this 1966 912 fitted out with a ski rack for Alpine adventuring in style:

This pair of perfectly restored 356s belonging to some gracious gentlemen deserving of the “good old boys” moniker grabbed the attention of even the most jaded Concours goers:

This more modern 911 with its snazzy racing stripe, driven by a pair of sporty Southern belles from Georgia, shows why Porsche will be the honored marque at next year’s event:

Sports cars weren’t the only things on view, of course.

This classic Land Rover was lurking by a display of militaria:

A few Jaguar E-Types beautified the field, and their interiors were every bit as appealing as their sinuous bodywork:

And, of course, there were some mouthwatering motorbikes as well.

To finish things off – a sort of mechanical dessert, if you will – here’s a detail of a classic BMW bike that everyone, present company included, had a hard time keeping their hands off of:

Hopefully that will hold you until next year, when we’ll return with even more good stuff as the event grows in size and stature.

Just remember, November in Hilton Head is still pretty sunny, and pack a swimsuit along with your driving gloves…