Everything Is Grand: Once upon a time, the Buick Grand National was a highly coveted automobile. The ’70s were a strange time, indeed. [Complex]

Rothko IRA: An artist in London scribbled with Sharpies all over a painting at the Tate, saying it wasn’t vandalism but a new artistic movement. His judge politely disagreed. [The New York Times]

Up on High: New York’s Freedom Tower got the first piece of its spire today—making for some spectacular, vertigo-inducing photos. [BuzzFeed]

In Caricature: The pages of some vintage Esquires reveal their long-forgotten mascot, a cartoon codger named Esky. [Wax Wane]

And Now: A surprisingly entrancing video of a $400,000 Rolls Royce wreaking havoc on the British Countryside. [Jalopnik]