Ledbury, the men’s shirt brand dedicated to better tailoring at the intersection of Savile Row and Ivy Style, has something new up its sleeve, so to speak.

The Virginia-based bastion of good taste just debuted a new line of blazers and sport coats, the better to keep their gentlemanly customers appropriately attired for everything from croquet to cocktailing, and even visits to the office in between.

The initial Ledbury Tailored Collection features one blazer and four sport coats from designer Paul Trible, who has applied the same principles of high-quality fabrics and a leaner fit to the new line.

On the fabric front, Trible scoured Italy’s finest mills—Loro Piana, Vitale Barberis Canonico and Fratelli Tallia Di Delfino—to come up with classics in herringbones, checks and solids that work well for the modern man.

Ledbury’s English-tailoring-meets-Southern-style look is evident in the soft shoulders, all-around more natural cut and double vents.

The jackets are either unlined or partially lined for ease of wear, especially in the warmer months, which has the added benefit of exposing the careful tailoring for all to see.

Meanwhile, Ledbury continues to offer curated collections of seasonal “Short Run Shirting” suitable for everything from quail hunting to country house weekends.

Both of which we intend to partake in ASAP…