When it comes to studly stars of the sixties, Steve McQueen gets all the credit for being the coolest cat with the best cars in town.

Actually, the King of Cool’s Magnificent Seven costar James Coburn was equally at home behind the wheel of a purebred sports car, and while perhaps not quite as suave was surely McQueen’s equal in many ways.

Or better: Coburn’s garage boasted not one but two Ferrari 250 GTs—a Spider California and a Lusso Berlinetta just like McQueen’s.

Here, he’s pictured at home in Los Angeles in 1966 with the Lusso in the foreground and the California lurking menacingly on the side.

And while McQueen was only ever nominated for an Academy Award, Coburn actually took one home for Afflictioneven though it took 30 years from the date this photo was taken.

We’re sure the King would have collected a few as well, had he lived that long…