You’ve probably heard of David Yurman. (He makes some amazing jewelry.)

You’re less likely, however, to have heard of his son, Evan, who’s adding a line of watches to his dad’s collection. Recently, we sat down with Evan to talk about our favorite of the bunch: The David Yurman Revolution Shelby 1000 Limited Edition.

Right. That Shelby.

Earlier this year, racing icon Carroll Shelby – winner of the 1959 Le Mans, the driving force behind the AC Cobra and the Ford Mustang – died, leaving behind an obituary that invokes jealousy — and inspiring what might be our new favorite timepiece.

DRIVEN:  Tell us about the history of this project and collaboration with Shelby?

EY: I am completely obsessed with cars.  I started collecting them when I was around 18.

DRIVEN: What’s in your collection?

EY: Where to start? [Laughs.] A 1970 Plymouth GTX in Plum Crazy, two 1969 Pontiac GTOs I found in a barn in upstate New York, a ’67 Firebird, a ’69 Mustang Fastback with the Winston C8up Motor, a ’68 Bullitt Mustang, a ’66 Chevy Bel Air with a 427, a Subaru STi, and a Porsche 997 GT3 — to name a few.

Also a few motorcycles: an MV Agusta, a Husquarvna, and a Harley Davidson.

Interview: A Watch Inspired by Racing Royalty

DRIVEN: Why did you want to collaborate with Shelby?

EY: When they launched the Super Snake, it really caught my eye, and I did a lot of research into the Shelby history.

Both are homegrown American companies, made up of a small number of very passionate, talented employees who love what they do

What I found were a lot of similarities between Carroll and my father – small people who innovated, made changes, and forged their own paths. I felt that there was a kindred identity between our two brands — both are homegrown American companies and are made up of a small number of very passionate, talented employees who love what they do.

DRIVEN: So what was the timeframe on all of this?

EY:  When the Super Snake came out, Carroll Shelby took it for a spin, despite his failing health conditions. The car has 850 horsepower, but Carroll drove the hell out of it befor. When he finished, he simply asked, “When can we get a 1000 horsepower version?” Thus was born the Shelby 1000, which unfortunately Mr. Shelby didn’t get to enjoy before his death earlier this year.  But I’ve driven the car, and it is exceptional.  We decided to collaborate on the timepiece to commemorate this car, Carroll Shelby’s life, and 50 years of Shelby Motors.

The Shelby has 850 horsepower, but Carroll drove the pants off of it before finishing the road test and simply asking, “When can we get a 1000 horsepower version?”

DRIVEN: Have you driven a Super Snake? Can you describe it?

EY:  Menacing. Raw power.  Overbuilt because it has to be. I generally prefer naturally aspirated, carbureted cars if possible – but this thing takes a thrashing, has A/C, and starts every time.

Interview: A Watch Inspired by Racing Royalty

DRIVEN: Tell us how the watch came to be.

EY: I came on board at David Yurman back in 2002, and was told to stay out of the men’s watch industry. I used that as my inspiration to do it anyway. But I don’t consider myself a “watch guy,” and I think that keeps my ideas fresh.  I’m attracted to subtle stylings – generally I think you shouldn’t exactly know why you like a watch, it should be harmonious. With the Shelby collaboration, I wanted to create a desirable, high quality Swiss timepiece for the American man.

I think you shouldn’t exactly know why you like a watch — it should just be harmonious.

DRIVEN: Looks like you did.

Interview: A Watch Inspired by Racing Royalty

The  David Yurman Revolution Shelby 1000 will be available in two variants:  A limited production version in stainless steel, and a 150-piece special limited edition in black PVD.

Each is powered by a high quality Valjoux movement and features a number of design cues reminiscent of the thousand-horsepower snake, including a guilloche dial with racing stripes, an applied Cobra element placed just above six o’clock (“each took two days to make by hand by Swiss elves” according to Mr. Yurman), an incredible ratchet-adjusting rubber strap styled like the belly of a serpent, and a VIN-plate inspired case back with Carroll Shelby’s signature engraved in red.

Essentially, it’s a Shelby Snake you can take with you everywhere you go.