On the eve of the L.A. Auto Show Jaguar Land Rover rolled out the brand new F-Type and Range Rover with a VIP bash at Paramount Studios in Hollywood.

As we’ve mentioned before, the F-Type is Jag’s first two-seater sports car since the iconic E-type was launched 50 years ago, while the new Range Rover is the world’s first all-aluminum SUV.

Theatrics are in ready supply – at the Auto Show Jaguar is bringing out an almost life-size high resolution interactive rendering of the F-Type allowing gawkers to take a 360-degree tour of the car’s exterior, open the doors and start the ignition.

And at the suitably cinematic Paramount bash, Jaguar also announced it’s making a short film about the F-Type called Desire with Ridley Scott, starring Brit actor Damian Lewis (Homeland), to be shot in the Chilean desert.

We’re hoping it’s going to involve some seriously stylish sex and violence….