Any place that has something called the Lowcountry Oyster & Motor Car Driving Society is our kind of place.

More from the Hilton Head Island Concours d’Elegance

We’re talking, of course, about Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, where we attended the recent Motoring Festival & Concours d’Elegance, as we mentioned the other day.

Morgan; Click to enlarge

The Lowcountry Oyster crowd was well represented, of course, Lowcountry being a bucolic name for that part of the South Carolina coast.

The Lowcountry Oyster & Motor Car Driving Society

It’s a gentlemanly sort of society in the best South Carolina tradition, and though we’ve never really considered the connection between oysters and classic cars before, it’s a natural alliance.

Classic Jaguars; Click to enlarge

What could be better than tooling around such a beautiful bit of the country in an open-top Morgan, stopping off for the occasional dozen on the half shell?

Like a Maine lobster bake with better manners and more straw hats

Oyster roasts are something of a local pastime, more or less the equivalent of a Maine lobster bake with better manners and more straw hats.

A Detomaso Pantera leading a classic Porsche; Click to enlarge

We had plenty of time to consider the question as we perused the pulchritudinous vehicles at the Concours.

Perusing the pulchritudinous vehicles at the Concours

It’s an unpretentious affair, with the owners of the cars standing or sitting behind their precious possessions, ready to demonstrate to the judges the spot inside the gas tank flap where they happened to discover the code for the original paint color that proved the key to a perfect restoration.

McLaren racer; Click to enlarge

That’s reflected in the democratic way the cars are displayed as well, with $500,000 Mercedes-Benz Gullwings next to MGBs, and an exotic McLaren race car thrown in for good measure.

 Mercedes Gullwings next to MGBs, and an exotic McLaren race car

And while the talk amongst the owners might be of the “Ferrari that got away” variety, or the current market for E-Types, there’s not a snobbish comment to be heard.

Classic Jag and Mercedes Gullwing; Click to enlarge 

Call it bonhomie, good sportsmanship or just another example of Southern graciousness, but we never heard anyone complain that the neighboring vehicle was somehow not worthy of being parked next to theirs.

Bonhomie, good sportsmanship and Southern graciousness

In any case, we promised you lots of photos, so we’ll get on with it and give you one more thing to dream about while awaiting our next installment…

MGs and E-Types; Click to enlarge