Ghurka, the leather goods company with serious British colonial flair, founded by designer Marley Hodgson in 1975 and recently given a modern makeover, has collaborated on a new line of leather accessories for McLaren Automotive.

The meticulously crafted goods are made to complement the equally exclusive and well-designed McLaren MP4-12C, a thoroughly modern supercar injected with McLaren’s impressive racing DNA.

McLaren Racing, the famed British Formula 1 team founded in 1963, is the second oldest active team after Ferrari and one of the world’s most successful, having won 180 races, 12 Drivers’ Championships and eight Constructors’ Championships in the ensuing decades.

Obviously, MP4-12C driver’s manuals can’t come in a vinyl sack, so those taking delivery of the thoroughbred beasts will get theirs in a limited-edition full-grain Ghurka leather pouch in black, with contrast stitching in McLaren’s signature orange.

For good measure, owners also get custom leather travel trays so that the McLaren man’s accessories can be as cool as his car.

Which is not to say you couldn’t start with the tray and work your way up…